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Steven Lovink’s Bio:

Steven Lovink is committed to accelerating wholes greater than the sum of their parts, he continues his life’s journey sensing humanity’s emerging future, assembling its building blocks a piece at a time. He is a founder of Planet2025 Network, a whole system enterprise initiative with a mission to catalyze a peaceful, sustainable way of life by 2025 and its affiliated Power of One, a charitable organization dedicated to inspire and empower integrated action by people and organizations toward transformation to a peaceful, sustainable global society.

Stuart Valentine’s Bio:

Stuart Valentine is a registered Representative of Financial West Group (FWG). Stuart has played an active role in the Green Private Placement sector of the Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) industry since 2000. He is passionate about building the personal relationships and networks necessary to create meaningful, systemic change in the world of finance today. In September 2010, Stuart served on the Drafting Committee on Transforming Finance–an initiative to recognize finance as a global commons. He currently serves on the Research Advisory Board for Ethical Markets in the area of Social Venture Capital.